CJA noted Parliament members they were guilty of erosion of HRT

At the protest initiated by elimination of HTV show Croatia live the CJA passed around leaflets to the Parliament members and ministers. The idea was to make them aware of their responsibility for the situation at the public broadcaster and media service.


Protest against elimination of Croatia live show: „Let's protect our right to be informed!“

"HRT, shame on you“, was the message sent by 200 journalists, citizens and TV viewers gathered on the protest „Public TV for all!“ at St Marco Square in Zagreb, asking for HRT show Croatia live to be restored.


Police filed criminal charges against Keleminec due to torching Novosti

Ministry of Home Affairs filed criminal charges against Dražen Keleminec, president of A-HSP party, due to inspiring hate and violence expressed publicly against Serbian national minority. Filling charges followed two incidents of torching Novosti Weekly Magazine in front of Serbian National Council headquarter in Zagreb Center, informed Ministry of Home Affairs.


CJA condemns torching copies of Novosti Weekly and calls for the Prime Minister’s clear opinion about threats against journalists

The Croatian Journalists’ Association (CJA) condemns repeated action of torching certain number of copies of Novosti Weekly and calls Mr. Andrej Plenković, the Prime Minister, to express clearly his opinion about threats against journalists.


CJA condemns dropping out ”Croatia live“ show from the HRT program

CJA condemns dropping out ”Croatia live“ show from the HRT program and the vulgar attack against journalist Maja Sever by the vice-president of the Parliament Committee for internal policy and national security.


CJA condemns accusing weekly magazine Novosti for inspiring arsons

The Croatian Journalists' Association strongly condemns accusations published in some media (both in articles and readers' comments) and on social media that weekly magazine Novosti, published by the Serbian National Council, has inspired arsons that have devastated big forest areas and threatened many settlements, especially in Šibenik-Knin and Split-Dalmatia Counties.


CJA strongly condemns attack against journalists in Slavonski Brod

Croatian Journalists' Association supports its Branch in Brod-Posavina County in strong disapproval of verbal and physical attack against two female journalists while they were doing their job.


Attack on Olluri and his fiancee must be a priority for Kosovo institutions

Journalists’ associations from the region strongly condemn the attack on Olluri, an investigative journalists, and his fiancé. Parim Olluri and his fiancée were attacked on 16 August in Pristina while entering their apartment building by three persons, who wore caps and kept silent throughout the incident.


Investigative journalist Domagoj Margetić wrote pubic letter to the Prime Minister

ZAGREB, August 2, 2017. – Investigative journalist Domagoj Margetić sent public letter to the Prime Minister Andrej Plenković stating that during burglary of his apartment his laptop and disc with documents had been stolen. He puts the question to the Prime Minister if HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union) was behind that and even behind attempt on his life in 2014.


CJA welcomes Drago Hedl's decision to publish proof of politician's attempt to bribe him

Croatian Journalists' Association (CJA) welcomes journalist Drago Hedl's decision to publish proof of attempt of politician Franjo Lucić to bribe him. Franjo Lucić offered bribe to our colleague to give up publishing the story about Lucić's companies and his suspicious transactions.


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