TUCJ and CJA: System for systematic abuse of journalists

"Insurance Decision" of the Municipal Civil Court in Zagreb of September 21, 2021, which imposes a temporary measure banning the Association of Independent Media Culture, publisher of the non-profit portal H-alter, from publishing articles about the director of the Child and Youth Protection Polyclinic of Zagreb Ms. Gordana Buljan Flander, the Croatian judiciary has resorted to unprecedented censorship "in advance".


CJA and TUCJ: It is inadmissible for the Prime Minister to determine the limits of media freedoms

The Croatian Journalists 'Association (CJA) and the Trade Union of Croatian Journalists (TUCJ) strongly condemn the latest verbal attack by Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on the media, his interference in the editorial policy of national commercial televisions RTL, Nova TV and N1, and the pronouncing of journalists and analysts who reported the local elections in Croatia.


A new wave of dangerous lawsuits against the media and journalists in Croatia

The Croatian Journalists' Association is outraged by the actions of the President of the County Court in Osijek, judge Zvonko Vrban, who announced filing the five lawsuits against the portal for five published articles by journalist Drago Hedl, who wrote about irregularities in judge Vrban's work.


CJA and TUCJ: For the survival of the STA, support to Slovenian colleagues

The Croatian Journalists 'Association (CJA) and the Trade Union of Croatian Journalists (TUCJ) stand in solidarity with colleagues from neighboring Slovenia, where the public and independent news agency STA is under growing political and financial pressure.


CJA survey: At least 924 lawsuits against journalists and the media currently active in Croatia

Currently, there are at least 924 active lawsuits against journalists and media in Croatia, from which prosecutors are demanding indemnities in the amount of almost € 10.5 million, which is an increase in the number of lawsuits compared to last year, according to the annual survey conducted for the third consecutive year by the Croatian Journalists' Association.


Bačić's persecution of the leaders of the CJA and the Journalists' Union is a new blow to media freedom

The termination of the employment contract of journalist Hrvoje Zovko, also known as the president of the Croatian Journalists' Association, is a new blow to journalists and media freedom. The conduct of the director general of the HRT (Croatian Radio and Television), Kazimir Bačić, is no different in terms of methods and performance from the staged Stalinist trials: Zovko was fired on Tuesday, March 9, 2021, through the media, and two days later journalist Maja Sever, president of the SNH (Trade Union of Croatian Journalists), was handed out a "warning before possible dismissal", due to an interview published in the weekly Nacional.


Shameful and dangerous attack of the ruling party on the media

Following the announcement by N1 Television that the Presidency of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), at an online session held on Monday (January 11th), accused the media of conspiring with the opposition against the Government, and the HDZ leadership did not explicitly deny these allegations, the Croatian Journalists' Association (CJA) warns of yet another in a series of attacks by the government on journalists and the constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of reporting.


Former Minister of Agriculture Tolusic lost a lawsuit against journalist Goran Gazdek

The Municipal Court in Virovitica issued a first-instance verdict acquitting journalist and CJA vice president Goran Gazdek of charges for violating the reputation and honor of former Croatian Minister of Agriculture and former Croatian Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Tolusic.

Photo: CJA


SafeJournalists: November 2 - a reminder and a warning to WB societies  

Until all murders, physical attacks and death threats against journalists are resolved and sanctioned, November 2 will be a reminder of high prices paid by journalists who work in the interest of the citizens. 


Croatian politicians are using SLAPP lawsuits to silence journalists

The Croatian Journalists’ Association (CJA) warned on Wednesday of a new wave of lawsuits against journalists and the media, highlighting lawsuits by former Minister Tomislav Tolušić, former MP Branimir Glavaš, and University of Zagreb Rector Damir Boras.


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