CJA: We will publish the list of shame of judges against journalists, we call for solidarity with colleague Davorka Blažević

The persecution of journalists in Croatia continues in the processes in which judges sue journalists, and in this domain, we are the worst in the European Union - it was said at the press conference of the Croatian Journalists' Association, where they warned of the latest judicial attack on the journalistic profession, with the verdict of the County Court in Zagreb, according to which journalist and member of CJA, Davorka Blažević, must pay a compensation in the amount of HRK 40,000 to Supreme Court judge Senka Klarić Baranović, in the name of the famous provision "insult of honour and reputation".



After Croatian Radio Television (HRT) lost another lawsuit against the president of the Croatian Journalists' Association (HND) Hrvoje Zovko, who must be reinstated to his work position by the first-instance verdict, the CJA, Croatia's main professional journalist organization, wants to inform the public that they hope after four years of this process, the multiple court harassments of their president and his family, as well as the CJA itself, have ended.


Judicial – political strike on journalists: CJA announces protests if serial lawsuits are not stopped

Such court persecutions of journalists are systemic and institutional, because certain members of society, the so-called establishment, named in such way due to their undeserved privileged treatment, resort to such actions, and that can only be called censorship. Nothing changes and the abuse and terror of lawsuits against journalists continues. We expect a reaction from the authorities, and if that does not happen, we will organize a big protest of journalists - it was said at today's press conference of CJA’s leaders at the Journalists' Home.


HRT finally loses dispute against Zovko based on his allegations of censorship on public television

On February 3, 2022, Zadar County Court rejected the appeal of the Croatian Radio and Television against Hrvoje Zovko, ruling it as unfounded, and upheld the verdict of Zagreb Municipal Civil Court from November 13, 2020, which refers to statements, made by Hrvoje Zovko, president of the CJA on the existence of censorship on HRT, not being disputable or untrue, and that in this particular case the mentioned statements did not grossly harm the honour and reputation of HRT. 


CJA's poll: at least 951 active lawsuits against journalists and media

Currently, there are at least 951 lawsuits active in Croatia against journalists and the media,  from which the prosecutors are demanding the amount of almost € 10.3 million for damages, according to the results of a survey, conducted for the fourth year in a row by the Croatian Journalists' Association.


CJA: Verdict against Hanza Media is dangerous for journalism!

The Croatian Journalists' Association is worried about the dangerous non-final verdict of the Municipal Court in Zagreb against Hanza Media, according to which this media house must pay damages in the amount of HRK 250,000 for mental anguish to Ivan Marković, judge at Zadar County Court.



The non-final verdict by which Dražen Ciglenečki, journalist at "Novi list", was found guilty on the basis of a private lawsuit filed by former Zagreb County Court President and now High Criminal Court Judge Ivan Turudić,  is another example of pressure on freedom of speech and the role of the media in democratic societies. Turudić's lawsuit is just one part of nearly a thousand SLAPP lawsuits filed by powerful individuals, aimed at intimidating journalists and silencing critical voices in society, which unfortunately puts Croatia at the infamous first place within  the European Union, by such criteria.


CJA and TUCJ: We expect the police to find the attackers on journalist Goran Latković

The Croatian Journalists' Association (CJA) and the Trade Union of Croatian Journalists (TUCJ) strongly condemned the physical attack on RTL journalist Goran Latković while reporting from a protest against epidemiological measures and COVID certificates, held yesterday in the center of Zagreb, Croatia.


HRT withdraws lawsuit against CJA and Sanja Mikleušević Pavić

Croatian Radio-Television (HRT) withdrew the lawsuit it filed on December 24, 2018 against CJA and its journalist and president of the CJA Branch on HRT, Sanja Mikleušević Pavić.


Scandalous verdict against journalist Davorka Blažević

The court in Šibenik accepted the lawsuit of the judge of the Supreme Court Senka Klarić Baranović by which the journalist Davorka Blažević has to pay the plaintiff 10.000 € plus the costs of the procedure in the name of the famous provision "violation of honor and reputation". Consequently, with this additional shameful court ruling, the blow to the journalistic profession continues and Croatia becomes the number one problem in the European Union, when it comes to journalistic and media freedoms.


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