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The Croatian Journalists' Association (CJA) has been founded in 1910 by the group of prominent Croatian journalists and writers, among others the first female journalist in this part of Europe Marija Jurić Zagorka. The mission at the time was similar to the mission of today – to insist on freedom of expression and journalism. Because of that the Association came frequently in conflict with authorities. It dealt with journalists' economic situation, tried to influence employers to be fair and authorities to implement better social laws. Between two World Wars the Association succeeded in its intention to build Journalist Building. It was done in 1930 and became really home for certain journalists, as it had some rooms at the top of the Building for journalists in need. That period was dedicated to improve social status of Association members.

After World War 2nd, in former Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia the structure of organization changed to certain degree – The Croatian Journalists' Association became part of Journalists' Association of Yugoslavia and in that period journalists were considered to be “socio-political workers”, meaning to be just a tool in state administration. Of course, it triggered certain resistance and some journalists suffered consequences of being excluded from their professional association. After 1990, with new political situation in Croatia and its independence, the CJA Assembly returned its original name – the Croatian Journalists' Association, changed its Statute and in 1992 declared all decisions about expelling journalists for political reasons to be insignificant. In this new era of 100 years old history the Association became independent partly due to the fact that it owns the Building and can make some profit of renting it. But as far as the mission goes, goals are still the same – freedom of expression, freedom of media and media responsibility – now in new situation and with new technology.

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