CJA condemns unfounded accusation of the SDP candidate against journalists Tomislav Krasnec and supports Electoral Ethical Council decision

In 24sata daily on September 9 an article by Tomislav Krasnec was published. In the article Krasnec wrote about results of his checking of existence of a document from 2013 Andrej Plenković in his pre-election meetings said existed, but was confidential. The existence of that document was denied by Neven Mimica, European Commissioner and Zoran Milanović, SDP president. Tomislav Krasnec checked that with European Commission.


CJA condemns insults against journalists Zdenko Duka at HDZ pre-election meeting

During pre-election meeting in Zagreb, on Thursday, September 8, Zdenko Duka, journalists and former CJA president, was reputedly verbally attacked by some participants of the meeting. Zdenko Duka attended the meeting in capacity of daily Novi list reporter.


Saša Leković, CJA president, laid wreaths at the site of killing journalists during the Homeland War

Saša Leković, CJA president, laid wreaths at the site of journalists killed in 1991 at Hrvatska Kostajnica region. He also supported the idea to commemorate all journalists killed in the Homeland War and called once more the relevant institutions to find and punish assassins of war reporters.


By extending term to Siniša Kovačić as acting HRT general manager the Government knowingly opens the door to agony of public media broadcaster

By today's decision about extending term to Siniša Kovačić as acting HRT general manager still technical Croatian Government ignored HRT Supervising Board opinion, public debate objections and CJA disagreement as well as alarms that came from international journalists organizations, organizations monitoring freedom of expression and EBU (European Broadcaster Union), whose member is even HRT.


Joint International Media Freedom Mission to Croatia issued its report

Joint International Media Freedom Mission visited Croatia in June (21 – 23) and has just issued its report about media situation in Croatia and political pressures on media “Croatia: Media Freedom in Turbulent Times”.



Last week Croatian Journalists' Association (CJA) wrote a letter to H.E. Ahmet Tuta, Turkish Ambassador to Croatia expressing its deepest concern due to attacks on media in Turkey. Here is the Ambassador's response to Saša Leković, CJA president.


CJA Letter to Turkish Ambassador to Croatia

The Croatian Journalists' Association (CJA) wrote to His Excellency Turkish Ambassador to the Republic of Croatia expressing its deepest concern due to attacks on media that have never been seen before in Turkey. CJA called for Turkish government to reverse numerous attacks on journalists and media outlets in the country as well as to respect international conventions protecting human rights, union rights and freedom of expression. By this letter CJA joined the widespread campaign to help Turkish journalists and freedom of the press launched by International Federation of Journalists and European Federation of Journalists, that CJA is affiliated with.


Public discussion „How to achieve public broadcaster“: HRT is victim of former Government revisionist plan

Cleansing at the HRT and devastation of its program are parts of former Government revisionist policy – that is the conclusion of public discussion organized by the Croatian Journalists' Association (CJA) under the tittle „How to achieve public broadcaster“. "HRT was just a part of first phase of ‘cleansing’ and designing a base for different society. Now we can see how it might look like if the same policy came to power again“, was message sent.


Non-profit media submitted requests to the Government aimed to stop deterioration of media and democratic standards

Non-profit media, grouped in the Emancipation Network, sent from its conference „Stabilization and development of nonprofit media in Croatia“ 7 requests to the Croatian Government aiming to stop additional deterioration of media and democratic standards The priority is, as it is pointed out, to resume work on media strategy.


The Center for Freedom of Speech Protection celebrates its first birthday

At the beginning of July it will be a year since the Center has been established. That Croatian Journalists’ Association (CJA)  project was designed to represent, defend and counsel journalists as well as educating and informing them about their rights. Layers' services in the Center are pro bono.


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